Since Frankly began creating products for our clients in 2011 the team has grown in size and  even more importantly, in the range of services we offer. The initial team consisted of specialists within concept development, mechanical design, supplier management and manufacturing from Nokia, all with a burning passion to create innovative products, travel the world and have a lot of fun together!

Since then, we have handpicked specialists within mechanics, software, user experience and electronics from some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, with a strong focus on personality. This combination of solid education, years of experience and great team spirit allows our agency the capability to create world-class consumer electronics in an extremely fast and efficient way. Together with our partners we have the flexibility of quickly scaling the team and tailoring competences for any project or product.

In the restored old salt stocks located just north of the central station in Malmö, Sweden, we have created the studio we’ve always dreamt of. With Frankly’s most important partners near by, a stunning view over the activities in the industrial harbor and plenty of natural light, the space is a perfect home base for our team.

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